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Can you buy Depakote in canada - Where to order Depakote

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Be a part of something great.

Can you buy Depakote in canada - Where to order Depakote

Pink STEM Fundamentals of Volunteering

Pink STEM is created and organized by an all-girl instruction team, and assisted by successful female volunteers. We need volunteers that will motivate and encourage students in all STEM activities.

Gain confidence. Make a difference. Meet People. There’s nothing more fulfilling than realizing how much of an impact you can make. With just a few hours of helping can turn into a lifetime of opportunity.


  • Work with individual or teams of students to encourage questions about STEM topics and foster confidence
  • Relate STEM to real world experiences
  • Explore opportunities for field trips and other programs designed to enhance the STEM experience
  • Work with teachers to enhance/improve course content by developing STEM activities
  • Help staff with STEM events such as science fairs and STEM programs
  • Be a resource for the teacher and students


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