Danielle Briana Mathis

Danielle Briana Mathis

Along with managing school and CPromise, Danielle enjoys supporting other community initiatives from her peers and one of her mentors, such as PinkSTEM, The Diamond Campaign, and Macon It.

Phone: 1-678-271-2485
Experience: President and gospel choir director of the G.I.F.T.E.D. Christian organization, Research for healthcare and medicine under the department of Industrial and Systems Engineering,
Hobby: singing, writing, event planning
Danielle Briana Mathis, Engineer, Social Entrepreneur, Creative

Danielle Briana Mathis is a proud native of Macon, GA and alumna of Georgia Tech with a B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering, concentration in Quality and Statistics, and a certificate in Advanced Personalized Learning from the National Academy of Engineering.

She is founder of the non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, Caterpillar’s Promise, Inc., which motivates others, especially the youth, to use their talents in STEM and the Arts for the greater good. With her organization, she was able to implement many initiatives, one being K12 STEAM programming that was initially funded by original musical productions that she wrote, directed, and debuted.

She has traveled the country and the world solving problems using innovative engineering throughout various roles over the years and plans to continue those endeavors. She currently calculates and analyzes block times for Delta Air Lines as an Analytics Specialist within the Operations Control Center, known as the heartbeat of Delta.

Prior to Delta, Danie acquired different roles and projects under the Insights and Data team for a consulting firm, which granted her the opportunity to travel to India on a business visa along with other destinations. While in college, she also gained years of experience in process engineering for the Air Force working directly on the flightline with the C-130, F-15, C5, C17, and more. Additionally, through GA Tech programs, she enjoyed service, research, and/or engineering consultant work with non-profit organizations which granted her the opportunity to travel to Haiti, Kenya, London and cities in the United States. Also, she was able to help implement a vaccine distribution planning system for the Marshall Islands through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Additionally, she just recently started her own company, DBMeta Studios LLC, which focuses on transforming database information into art form as well as houses her creativity especially the fusion between STEM and the Arts. Her goal is to expand her platform using her engineering background, analytical skills, and creativity in order to make an impact on her surrounding communities and the world.