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Private Virtual Tutoring

Now Offering Online Private Tutoring Sessions!

Are your child’s grades going down because of the new learning environment?

Don’t worry, it’s happening more than you think! During this time the educational system, teachers, and staff are working hard to ensure that all students receive quality instruction and guidance. Unfortunately, additional child assistance resources are at a minimum or just aren’t available. Especially now with teachers themselves feeling the effects of the current pandemic.

Just like traditional tutoring, our online sessions provide supplemental academic help outside of the classroom. We provide highly qualified teaching professionals that will consistently enhance the level of understanding and confidence in your child.

This is a Pink STEM Member Service of $15/hour.

Pink STEM’s instructors are Georgia Certified Teachers K-12

Pink STEM has 30 + years to include retired and current classroom teachers.

We are able to enrich and remediate children of all levels with a unique approach.

We do not offer money-back guarantees for raised grades, test scores, admission to first-choice school etc.

However, we guarantee your student will get the attention they often lack in primary education. This is often the breakthrough strategy they need to succeed.

We offer Pre/Post Assessments given as Guarantees of Growth.

Pink STEM instructors are qualifies to assist students in all subjects.

Virtual sessions take place via ZOOM.

Tutoring sessions are typically 45 minutes followed by a 15 minute discussion with instructors focusing 1:1 with child and/or parent(s) about additional questions and concerns.

Your student will need access to a computer with audio and video.

We offer up to one reschedule per month based on availability. We cannot guarantee it will be with the same tutor.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all 15-minute meetings will currently be held virtually with a tutor 1 week prior to the initial scheduled tutoring session.

Private tutoring is a continuation for private customers only = Fees $30/hr – Pink STEM members $15/hour

Monthly fees are due the 1st of each month prior to sessions.