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W.I.N.G.S interpret program agrees to provide employee services that include but are not limited to, identification and referral of suitable job applicants for consideration of employment with PinkSTEM.
PinkSTEMInc. will pay referred intern an hourly/salary rate of (rate agreed to based on experience, education and position) to provide a real life work experience for every intern. Through this business experience, they build the knowledge, skills, and self-confidence to be successful in higher education, in the workplace and in life.

All of the students participate in volunteering with PinkSTEM nonprofit 501(c) to prepare them for the work environment.
P.E.E.C (Governing staffing entity of PinkSTEM) staffs the intern either onsite or offsite (hours and length of time to be determined based on requirements). All employment documents will be implemented by PinkSTEMInc.

Prerequisites: Must be a traditional Undergraduate Student in any of the S.T.E.M. Fields. 2nd year, 3rd Year, 4th year student eligible.