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Bridget Fields
Creative Director

We are a company that offers a combination of creative designs and marketing all under one roof. We are able to design your success with our attention-grabbing creative storytelling designs and products for digital marketing & sales, print design and custom apparel design. "Where designs tell and marketing sell."

Phone: (678) 825-5484
Degrees: B.A. Marketing
Experience: 9 years of Experience
Hobby: Being Awesomely Creative
Working Days: Monday, Friday
Training: University of North Carolina - Charlotte

The level of compassion, patience, and education that PinkSTEM shows the community is an inspiration to me and my team. Ms. Ray-Head has such a wonderful ability to meet each child at her ability level and work up from there. I love the ownership and autonomy Pink STEM gives my company. If we have a good idea and we’re given the green light, we’re able to RUN with it and create an awesome campaign. Every day that we work with Ms. Ray-Head, new and fun ideas are present to grow the organization. With so much to do, everyday is different and we love the unexpected so it’s a perfect fit.

I have been a volunteer with Pink S.T.E.M for the past 5 years and have put in a lot of  time and effort to make my work a success for the organization.  I enjoy being an integral part of the volunteer team. I’ve assisted the organization with the development of, logo design, and print marketing.

can you buy Depakote over the counter is a small but ambitious team of Atlanta designers and creative marketers that offers expertise in strategy, marketing, design and technology. We do not promote fast and cheap, we do focus on design, functionality, performance quality and most importantly building a relationship with our clients to help execute their digital and print needs within their budget.